5 Steps to Transformation

When I tell you that ‘you are one decision away from a totally different life’ …  do you get excited or scared?

Today, I want to help you get excited about change and transformation. I want you to be able to recognize that if you don’t change, you die. Maybe not literally, but a part of you does if you are yearning for something new or different, you continue to yell, kick and scream for change, but you continue to repress those yearnings due to fear, doubt or the unknown. As a result, your spirit dies.

Our Shift to Riches Formula provides you a framework you can use today and every day to make the decision for change and to do it!!!

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Author, Robert White, is quoted as saying

“In life, you either have the results you want, or the reasons to explain why you don’t have them. If you have the results, you don’t need the reasons.”

Do you have the results you want OR do you have the reasons to explain them away?

Let’s get you the results. Before we do, let me tell you who is able to use this formula. It’s simple – EVERYONE, but here is an example of a few of my clients:

  • a stay and work at home Dad who struggled dealing with the change.
  • an executive assistant who yearns for so much more in her life but had no clue how to go about getting it.
  • a business analyst who lashed out on her colleagues and teammates, and friends, and had no clear understanding why.
  • A C-level executive who struggled with the belief that she was good enough to ask for what she wanted, and actually get it.
  • A cancer fighter and survivor who was swallowed up with self-pity she couldn’t get to the other side of optimisim and hope to thrive!

People are people – and though each of us are unique, the struggles, challenges, frustrations and bitches of fear, negativity and doubt consume all of us at some point in time and at varying depths.

The Shift to Riches formula is simple –






These steps are all about Self-Discovery, Awareness, Truth and Transparency and even Authenticity.

If you are even the slightest apprehensive about digging deep into who you are, you are NOT alone. Most people are not comfortable admitting even acknowledging aspects of themselves, so I want you to keep asking yourself  – do I want new or different OR the same old same old? Repeat it to yourself if you have to. Do whatever it takes to say YES, I am ready to do what it takes to shift and transform. Then do it.

Listen to the full episode that go through the 5 Steps to Transformation HERE

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