A bad team or employee can wreak havoc!

I’m just rolling off of a project and all I can honestly say is – thank God it’s over. Fortunately the end result was awesome, but it took every ounce of energy, focus, determination and persistance to get through it without losing complete control. It was bad enough my bitch came close to rearing her ugly head, after years of calm, and that was distressing enough to me.

But it did remind me of the devastating impact picking the wrong team members can have on everything, and everyone

Picking the RIGHT Team provides:

  • Tremendous creativity, outside the box thinking, and flow of ideas.
  • Effective and enriching collaboration, problem solving, and risk mitigation.
  • Synergy toward a single mission, goal, and overall outcome by all shareholders – the team, company, customers, vendors, sponsors, and others.
  • Optimized productivity and increased results due to effective delegation and execution of roles.
  • Clarity in leveraging key skills, backgrounds, cultures, experiences and expertise across team members.
  • Energy, optimism and connection toward getting it done, together.
  • Effective planning, execution and accountability by individuals and the collective team.

Picking the WRONG team will:

  • Generate undue burden and stress on individuals and the team.
  • Exhaust morale, collaboration and productive execution.
  • Risk misalignment and buy-in of a single vision, goal and outcome of a project.
  • Risk reputation, credibility and integrity of a company, team, manager or individual; even an overall mission or project.
  • Create breakdown in communication, collaboration, system and processes.
  • Raise risk of failure of some or all members and the project or goals.
  • Create lots and lots of sleepless nights and emotional days; wreaking havoc on productivity, positivity and performance.
  • Generate Sleep, a lot of sleep to recover and refuel… then a lot of lessons learned that can be used to improve the next time.

I believe you learn daily; whether you are new to business or a seasoned professional. However, this kind of learning experience is one to avoid at all costs.

RICHtips to pick the RIGHT team:

  • Define your mission, vision, goal and desired outcome for your project, team and/or company and make people decisions based on it.
  • Do thorough due diligence to learn about anyone you engage, hire or inherit; their goals, work and business acumen, alignment to your goals, values and desired outcomes, communication style, and engagement/collaboration style.
  • Stay true to your above mission, vision and goal, and don’t get desperate for bodies vs. having the right people.
  • Partner with each team member to define their goals, objectives and desired outcomes to ensure alignment to your own.
  • Leverage each team member’s skillset and identify gaps you still need to engage, hire or delegate.
  • Lead by example by demonstrating behavior, performance and business acumen you expect from your team.

People decisions can be costly in so many ways. I would like to say this was my first difficult people situation, but it wasn’t. It will be my last however.

What have you dealt with and how did you solve picking the wrong team members?






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