About Shedding the Bitch® and Bernadette Boas

To understand what Shedding the Bitch® is all about, you have to ask yourself, “Can I relate to this story?”.

For decades, I was consumed by feelings of insecurity, doubt, negativity, fear, fraud syndrome, and other self-sabotaging beliefs about my skills, talent, expertise, appearance, worth and more. Never being one to retreat inward, I spent years projecting those ugly emotions and self-beliefs onto other people; thereby earning the title, ‘bitch’.

It wasn’t until I lost my job, all of my friends, and the love for myself, did I realize something had to change. I had to shed myself of those ugly emotions which I soon realized were the real bitches in my life; fear, insecurity, and doubt.

I have since shared my journey into bitchood and transformation out in my first published book, Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Shifting from Bitch to Rich in Life and Business. I had no idea my story; focused mainly on the corporate tyrant I discovered I was, would help thousands of other women and men discover their own ‘shedding the bitch’ experience as they confronted illness such as Cancer, Diabetes, Anorexia, etc., hardship from losing a loved one, coming out of the closet, dealing with a divorce or a breakup, and, as one woman stated to me; dealing with similar corporate tyrant issues as an African American woman.

Can you relate?

From that discovery, the megabrand, Shedding the Bitch® was born.

Today, women and men around the globe engage, collaborate, and learn how to discover, confront and shed their own bitches of fear, insecurity, negativity, low self-esteem or self-worth, doubt, and more…. so they too can create and accelerate the RICHes in their career, business, and life that they deserve.

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About Bernadette:

I am a sister, aunt, lover and friend.

I am an entrepreneur and a professional shifter.

I am an author, speaker, screenwriter and radio/TV show host.

I am a people connector…… and many consider me a ball of fire.

Today, I leverage my twenty-five year corporate executive savviness with my entrepreneurial spirit to breathe new life into individuals, teams and companies around the globe to maximize their contributions, achievements and success!

Interview with Bernadette Boas – Where did Shedding the Corporate Bitch Come From?

“I cannot say enough about Bernadette! This is an extraordinary and passionate woman and advocate, with a driven attitude and exceptional business acumen. She is truly one of the brightest minds in her industry. There has been so much buzz around her book, Shedding the Corporate Bitch! I have watched Bernadette work through building her business with fierce resolve only to come out on top! She is a mover and a shaker, and one of a kind! I recommend everyone work with Bernadette.”
– David Storrs, Director of Marketing & Investor Relations, AutomaticallyYou.com

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Keynote Speeches and Training Topics include:

  • Create Ball of Fire Leaders™
  • Shed the Workplace Bully™  (or Sexual Harassment/Assault)
  • The ROI of Women in Business
  • Shift to Riches in Your Career, Business and Life

Workshops and Training Topics:

  • Dealing with Confrontation in the Workplace
  • Strategies for Diversity, Inclusion and Parity
  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling with Panache
  • Cobwebs to Clarity™ – Goal Setting and Time Management



Sharon Noble, VP Global Human Resources at Huber Engineered Materials

“I invited Bernadette to speak to the Women in our Atlanta office. This was the first event geared for this group. She exceeded my expectations in motivating and engaging the group of women. Examples of the comments we received were; I would love to be with her just 5 minutes a day to keep me motivated, I’m re-energized, insightful, encouraging, I needed someone to push me to think about my personal and professional goals.  Bernadette made it real and was extremely humbling in telling her story. We had customer service reps attend as well as the Chief Legal Counsel to our corporation. Everyone benefited from our lively discussion.”

Kamales Lardi, Keynote speaker,author, digital business strategist transforming traditional business to compete in the digital economy

“I discovered Bernadette by chance through her profile on LinkedIn earlier this year. Following our first phone call, I was convinced that she would be the right business advisor for me. Not only does she have strong experiences in the corporate world, but she is also analytical, strategic and driven. She is able to quickly understand what I need to take my business to the next level and acts as a sounding board for my ideas and concerns. Her belief in my capabilities and persistence in ensuring I push through challenges motivates me to keep moving forward.”

December 17, 2014, Kamales was Bernadette’s client

A Partial List of Clients includes:

If you, your projects, or your company need a ‘ball of fire’ Mindset Leadership Coach or Speaker to educate and energize your team, you can reach her at bernadetteboas@balloffireinc.com or 678-438-1908. Refer to her Linkedin profile for additional details

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Bernadette Boas, Chief Ball of Fire….Ball of Fire Inc.

Ball of Fire Inc. is the parent company to Ball of Fire Consulting (a mindset leadership coaching and consulting practice)

Ball of Fire Media (a multi-media digital company creating film/television and radio content, coaching methodologies, books, events, merchandise and more …for Shedding the Bitch® brand with over 75 Titles to its name, i.e. Shedding the Corporate, Divorce, Male, Gay, Cancer, etc. Bitch, Confessions of a Bitch™ (scripted content), and Shift to Riches™.