Ask Bernadette – How to take risks, how to move away from negative people, and more…


  • I’m not a big risk taker. As a matter of fact, I am the complete opposite. But, now in my 40’s I feel I need to take a risk and take a job that will have me and my family moving away and going to a place where I don’t know anyone. Do you have tips for how I can decide on this?
      1. Don’t focus on the fear….
      2. What is it you want to take a risk on?
      3. What about it gets you excited about it?
      4. Why is it important for you to pursue that chance?
      5. What will your world look like when you do?
        1. This includes YOU and the world around you.
    2. Hopefully, these questions are getting the person excited and not thinking about the fear.
      1. Now, what are 3 things you can be doing right now to pursue that want?
        1. No excuses here….  Just identify the 3 things.
      2. Prioritize those things….
      3. What is it going to take you to get #1 done
        1. Selling your home
        2. Uprooting your family
        3. Meeting new friends
      4. What could go really RIGHT about doing these things?
      5. What could go wrong?
        1. Remember – FEAR – false evidence appearing real
      6. BOTTOMLINE – get out of your head and into your heart and pen and paper.
  • A clients question – why are you so focused on the words I use… you are always saying WORDS MATTER.
    • My coaching style – it’s all about COMMUNICATION. To others and yourself

What I have learned for myself and my clients –

“Change your WORDS and you change your world”

The words you use determine your every mood, movement, action, thought, and communication. EVERY ONE OF YOUR WORDS.


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  • I’ll keep them private but will use them to discuss this in more detail on next week’s show as the conversation with YOU is defining who you are and what kind of life you have and will have.

I want to help you change that.

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