Ask Bernadette – What are the bigging hiring mistakes managers make?

Yesterday on our Ask Bernadette episode of Shed the Bitch podcast, she took your questions regarding hiring, performance reviews and more. LISTEN NOW.

The first question was addressed on yesterday’s blog – When do I know as a business owner (solopreneur) when to hire my first person? CHECK IT OUT HERE

Your next question – What are the biggest mistakes managers or business owners make when hiring?

Bernadette provided a lot of detail and tips regarding the top mistakes:

  • Having no plan:
    • Detailed plan of the roles needed, priority for hiring the top roles, etc.
    • Job description with clear roles, responsibilities, required skills, technology needs, references, do’s and don’ts, etc.
    • No interview outline or format
  • Being desperate and taking anyone
  • Poor communication plan before, during and after hiring
  • Poor interviewing skills or plan:
    • Not asking the right questions
    • Not asking tough questions
    • Not challenging the interviewee regarding their communication and teaming style
    • Not reading body language as well as communication cues.
    • Not telling the whole or real truth.
      • Lack of transparency – intended or not.
  • Too narrow of a search
  • Not following through with references
  • They fail to hold phone and in-person interviews

So, what do you do if any of the below is true?


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Come back tomorrow for your next ASK BERNADETTE question – What are the best strategies (as a business coach) for getting clients?

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