Ask Me Anything – Getting Fired, Franchise Y or N, Salary Negotiations, etc.

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This month’s questions covered:

1. I have a feeling I am being fired. My boss rarely involves or engages with me, and now she has called for a one-on-one next week, and I am really stressed about it. What do I do?

2. My company was bought and though many are being let go, they have asked me to stay on, but they want to drastically reduce my compensation. How do I handle this?

3. I have been approached about buying into a franchise and what they say about the ease of starting a business makes sense to me. What are the pros and cons of a franchise?

,4. Weeks ago I decided to turn off the news as my depression was getting worse and worse. Then on FB, I responded to a number of posts regarding riots going on, but honestly, I did not know what triggered them. Turns out it was the killing of George Floyd.  I was verbally attacked and humiliated by almost everyone online.  I don’t know how to make it stop.

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