Ball of Fire Media


Ball of Fire Media is our high impact brand division that brings educational and entertaining programs, events, merchandise, authorship licensing and opportunities to our fans, followers, clients and audiences; such as our powerful Creative + Investor events/workshops, Shift to RICHes™ and Creating the Entrepreneur™ programs, our megabrand movement Shedding the Bitch®, and film and television projects such as Confessions of a Corporate Bitch – full feature film script and television series story bible.

Each of our brands influence change in business and life for individuals around the globe, through our portfolio of books, training, events, retreats, programs and licensing portfolio of our branded coaching methodology, DIY coaching events, and merchandise. For more information or to inquire on our licensing programs, schedule a call with Bernadette CLICK HERE or call 404.997.8074.


Since 2012, Bernadette has been connecting, creating, and enriching creatives (writers, directors, producers) skill sets and mindset, with the end goal of expanding Georgia’s film and television content creation, funding, production and revenue generation.

1. Connect creatives with funding sources and key industry contacts to bring their projects to life, i.e. banks, fund managers, private investors, angel club networks, studio/network executives, legal and financial experts, and others.

2. Pitch Coaching and Consulting to ensure screenwriters, directors and/or producers optimize their time in front of studio/network executives or potential funding contacts.

3. Host, facilitate and/or lead educational and informative workshops, panels and pitch events on top of mind subjects critical to moving Georgia’s entertainment industry forward.

CALL Bernadette at 678-438-1908 to discuss your goals, challenges and opportunities to see how she can help you realize your dreams.