Betrayal Sucks!

Today we are talking, OK VENTING about betrayal. Betrayal in all forms…. personal and business, by friends and foes. It’s all about that sickening or pissed off feeling you experience when someone screws you over. More importantly, we discussed what to do to get beyond it.    

Your RICHquestion – what impact has a betrayal had on you – are you still carrying it around?  If so, listen up.  #Betrayed #Shedthebitch

7 RICHtips to overcome betrayal! Listen to the full length episode for all of the details:

  1. Identify the impact it has had on you. Give a name to it or assign an image to it.
    1. Get it out of your head and onto a piece of paper where you can focus on it logically vs emotionally.
  2. Forgive – yourself and the other person for each of your parts in it… and yes, there are two parts.
  3. Communicate your pain/hurt to the other person. Don’t avoid or ignore it, you deserve better than that.
  4. Communicate your pain to yourself.
  5. Put the image or name above (written down on paper) in a box and throw the box away. Or burn it and throw the ashes in the air or sea.
  6. Identify the lessons or new knowledge the experience had on you. Determine how you can use those lessons in the future.
  7. Rebuild your faith and trust by using the above lessons and knowledge.
    1. Instead of avoiding similar situations, seek them out and use the infomation above.
  8. Establish a community of others living in your experience and learn from them.
    1. Then look through your own community and determine if there are already people in your life you don’t trust or have faith in. Decide to delete them from your life, REMEMBER – you attract who you are.
    2. Identify those you trust unconditionally and put your energy into them or seek them out when you need to trust yourself – as you rebuild your own faith.
  9. Give yourself time and room to heal. Get away if you need to.
    1. Communicate to others WHY you are pulling back, or getting away or just not wanting to join in.
  10. Know that you will trust again….
    1. If you don’t feel that way…. Start #1 above again, and identify the impact it is having on all areas of your life.

You don’t want to live without trust or faith. That is a really ugly world.

Discover, confront and shed HEAD on whatever bitch it is holding you down from gaining and living the best things in life. YOU DESERVE IT!!!

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