RICHquestion – Should I worry about by content being plagiarized?


RICHquestion from Dan Vega – As a speaker, should I worry about my content being plagiarized, or is the success all in the implementation and delivery of the information? RICHtip – Dan, I am a speaker, coach and writer myself……

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RICHquestion – What should I expect to pay for a new logo?

RICHquestion – What type of expert would I hire to help with a business plan?


RICHquestion – Rachel Avery Conley, What type of expert would I hire to help with business projections and/or business plan? RICHtip – Rachel… this is a matter of ‘you don’t know what you don’t know. And what I mean by…

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RICHquestion – Is Kickstarter worthwhile to raise money?


RICHquestion – Colette Hamilton – Is it possible to make a worthwhile amount of money by fundraising on Kickstarter? RICHtip – Colette, there are no secrets but there are tons of lessons learned and best practices that you can find…

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RICHquestion – What things should I do to promote my e-book?


RICHquestion from Paul Toth / Mosaic Hub. How can I promote an e-book of collected short stories without resorting to paid campaigns, which have very limited positive results vs. cost? I’ve tried Facebook, Twitter and other ad campaigns, via vouchers,…

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