RICHtip Tuesday answered – How to Overcome Fear of Pursuing my Goals?


On today’s Shedding the Bitch Radio program… it was RICHtip Tuesday; answering your career, business and life questions, stories and challenges. Listeners asked about: What to do when a coworker/friend is not pulling their weight at work? How do I…

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The benefits of bullying in the eye of the #Bully


Don’t be shocked by the title’s statement. If there were no benefits, there would be no bullying. But unfortunately, there is. Many of the benefits are self-induced, others are lauded on by others, our workplace, and even society. If it…

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Let the Shedding the WEIGHT Bitch Begin……. Join In!


Two full years ago, I discovered the power of meditation when I came across a 21-day meditation journey, Oprah and Deepak Chopra offered to their communities FREE. I had always wanted to learn to quiet myself into meditation and they…

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Assess Your Value and Self Belief to Create RICHes

As discussed on #ShedtheBitch Radio…… Download, assess and then ask for support in ‘Assessing Your Value and Self Belief”…download this free assessment STBValueAssessmentMarch2016  

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6 Tips for Effective Time Management and Communication


Do you ever wonder why one person get’s so much more done in a day than another; maybe even you? Yet, we still have the same 24 hours in the day. It all comes down to what you say or…

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