Tips for Squashing the Bitches in Your Heart and Head!


Let’s shed the little voice in our head bitch!!!  Once and for all! Have you ever really considered just how powerful your mind is to the success or failure of your life, your business, your relationships, your career…..basically everything you…

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If You Don’t Know You, How Can I?


Just this morning, I read some very interesting statistics pertaining to personal branding. In an article and study by Glenn Llopis Group; Less than 15% of professionals have a personal brand and only 5% actually execute and live their brand….

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Would you Pass or Fail the Corporate Bitch Test?


Have you ever questioned why some people are in higher positions than you or some of your counterparts… and what makes it worse, is that those women or men are considered ‘bitches’ by those around them. Unfortunately it happens –…

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Shift to RICHes Star Series on Shedding the Bitch Radio WANTS YOU!


Author of “Shedding The Corporate Bitch,” and Ball of Fire host Bernadette Boas is not afraid to tackle issues that affects women’s daily lives. Each week on “Shedding the Bitch Radio” Bernadette and a special guest helps you identify the…

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Catch Up on Your Goal Setting and Facing Your Challenges !! Free Workbook Included

January has been all about laying out and defining your goals, facing your bitches (inner junk) head on so they do not sabotage your success, and to understand what it takes to really achieve the riches in life you want….

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