What lessons are we teaching our children?

I was in Vegas in March promoting my book – Shedding the Corporate Bitch, and brought along with me a poster board that displayed the book cover. I kept it in the hallway lobby of the hotel’s 7th floor where…

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Do You Have a Transformational Bitch Story – Get Published!!!

Attention Guys and Gals….parents, teachers, husband, wives, patients, athletes, entrepreneurs, corporate professionals and more……… The Shedding the Bitch™ team is looking for your transformational bitch story! Like me, have you ever dealt with a difficult or challenging time in your…

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Set your goal to break the glass ceiling in 2011!!

  “Charles Schwab told me his smile had been worth a million dollars. And he was probably understating the truth. For Schwab’s personality, his charm, his ability to make people like him, were almost wholly responsible for his extraordinary success.”…

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