OMG, I am such a bitch!!! But I wasn’t always that way – #screenplay


BERNADETTE VO – I sat there on the floor of my closet, rocking back and forth, as I flipped through the pages of my life journals, gasping, OMG, I was such a bitch! How did I not see it? How…

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Confessions of a Bitch – I Got Off On Making You Feel Like Shit!


A confession from Bernadette Balstick herself (not to be confused with author/screenwriter, Bernadette Boas)….. A lot of people get high off of a lot of things – alcohol, pot, other drugs, even from things like shopping and eating. And though…

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Getting Fired Turned Me Into a Leader!


I have been managing, and what I thought was leading, people since I was born. Being a middle child of 12, I wasn’t only being managed from above; I was managing those younger than me (and often the older ones…

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Turn Backstabbing into Productive Front Stabbing!

We all want to believe we left childish games and backstabbing on our grade school, high school or even college playgrounds. However, backstabbing continues into the workplace; at all levels of the organization, even by those leading the company and…

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Shedding the Screenwriting Bitch! The Battle of the Gut!


This writing process is crazy!! And its one that is challenging everything I have ever known and trusted in my ‘gut’. Early last year, my gut led me toward the storyline detailed out in my current screenplay version – Shedding…

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