How #Kickstarter can help the Ultimate Bitch pay for her sins!


We have all encountered one. We all know one. We have all worked for one. I was one! For twenty five years, I was the ultimate corporate bitch, wreaking havoc on anyone who dared cross in my path, including myself….

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What You Need to Know About the Mindset of a Bitch

Have you ever wondered what a bitch is thinking? What goes through her/his mind when lashing out on you or someone else? Why they are so cruel, and what benefit they think it gives them? Yesterday, sitting at @Caribou Coffee…

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OMG….I am so excited, while at the same time, very nervous. This past week we launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, to raise both awareness of our screenplay project, to spread the message of the project, and to raise funds which…

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Would you sacrifice toilet paper for your dreams?

Toilet Paper

I was reminded the other day of a conversation with a friend regarding the sacrifices people make when pursuing their dreams… and had to share. For the last few years I have been pursuing my dream of becoming an author…

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God, Am I taking you for granted?

Have you ever worked your body, mind and spirit to the point of complete exhaustion; the slightest delay, challenge, or glitch causes an ocean of tears streaming down your face? You want to rest, lay on the couch all day,…

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