Coaching with Bernadette

Bernadette works with individuals at all points in the career, business and life; helping them to dream BIG, plan BIG and take action BIG.

If you are ready to DISCOVER what is both great about you and holding you back, CONFRONT the beauty marks and warts, along with the pain and joy, if you want to SHED the bitches of fear, doubt and insecurity holding you back…. so you can CREATE and ACCELERATE the riches you want in your life, then Bernadette is the coach for you.

The most requested programs:

90 Day RICHplan™

Bernadette is a huge believer in goal setting if you want to achieve success in your career business or life. Yet, 95% of her clients either never had goals, never had them written down, or never knew how to define them properly. In days of defining their RICHplan, her clients convey excitement over the clarity, focus, drive, energy and confidence they were feeling executing on the plan.

She can do that for you as well.

Bernadette will spend 2 hours with you to uncover what it is you want, don’t want, and what is needed to get you there, then document it into your own personalized 90 Day RICHplan.  You and Bernadette will then connect for 1 hour each month through the 90 days to ensure you are on track to achieve your goals.

Contact Bernadette to schedule your 90 Day Richplan Coaching at 678-438-1908 or


Increase your productivity by 200% by implementing simple and focused tactics based on YOUR specific needs so you can be productive and drive results without the distractions and chaos of life.

Bernadette will spend 2 hours assessing your current time management and organization approach to executing your business and life. She will then define a time management and goal setting plan that will ensure you are focused, energized, and getting results that will put back more time on your schedule. GUARANTEED!

Contact Bernadette to schedule your Manage the Chaos Planning Session at 678-438-1908 or

Vision to Victorious Achievement Plan –

  • Do you have dreams and goals you keep attempting to pursue or achieve, but haven’t been able to yet?
  • Are you unsure of how to define, plan and execute on your goals?
  • Are you sabotaging yourself by believing you CAN’T achieve them because of LACK of money, time, support, experience?
  • Do you need a action oriented proven process that is simple to implement but achieve great results?

END THE EXCUSES of why you aren’t where you want to be, don’t have what you want, or can’t do what you want to do!!!

Bernadette has a proven method and plan for both setting your goals – RICHplan and defining your own VICTORYplan, that when combined provides you the clarity, certainty and conviction of what it is you want out of life, what you are willing to do for it, and the steps it will take to get you there.

This coaching program consists of:

  • One 2-hour strategy call to discuss your goals, challenges and opportunities.
  • Compiling your RICHplan and VICTORYplan and providing it to you.
  • 4 – One Hour Coaching Sessions over 3 months to review the plans and then discuss status, obstacles, strategies and tips, and next steps for achieving your plans.

Contact Bernadette to sign up for your personalized Vision to Victory Program at 678-438-1908 or

ONE on ONE Shift to RICHes™ Coaching

Bernadette only works with 5 individual one-on-one clients within a 6 month period who are DEDICATED, DETERMINED and COMMITTED to realizing the riches in your life. She works with her clients to:

  • Identify and Discover their dreams, goals, fears and challenges.
  • Put a plan together to Shed their fears and Honor their riches.
  • Share, Collaborate and Support them working through those discovery.
  • Get them on the road to Create and Accelerate the Riches you want !!

In a 6 – Month Tele-Coaching program with Bernadette herself, she will provide you:

  • 6-1 hour month / tele-coaching calls (even skype) to define, track, and account on your Goal Plan (included free with this program.)
  • Unlimited email support regarding your Goal Plan (defining, tracking, or executing.)
  • Focused attention from Bernadette to help you define strategies, tactics and actions within your business.
  • Motivation, support and the accountability you need to SUCCEED!

Contact Bernadette today and schedule your first planning session so you can start creating the riches in life you deserve!  CLICK HERE

Shift to RICHes™ GROUP  Coaching –

It’s time to take action and once and for all to shed the noise, inner critic and mental chatter that is holding you back from realizing your dreams.

Our exclusive Shift to Riches ™ coaching program will guide you through our Shift to RICHES™ Formula of success, so you can effectively shift your body, mind and spirit to attain your goals and the RICHES that life has to offer.

Attend 5 – 90 minute group coaching calls, with a maximum of 5 members per group, where Bernadette will guide you through each of the 5 Stages of our Shift to Riches Formula:

  • Discover what you really want in life (Riches), and what is holding you back from getting it (Bitches), while Honoring your RICHES.
  • Own and Confront your Bitches so you can optimize your RICHES!
  • Learn tips, steps and solutions for shedding those bitches, while creating and accelerating your riches so you can pursue life fearlessly, bold, and confident!
  • Work through exercises, tips and lessons learned that you can apply and learn from TODAY!
  • Work one on one with Bernadette for 1 hour through the 6-month group program, to address any issues, strategize on ideas, support any concerns.
  • Get support from the other members in the group
  • Receive all workbooks, assessments, exercises, assessments within the program.
  • Provide critical feedback and input to the program for future implementation.

Groups are limited to 5 people ONLY…… so contact Bernadette today to join one of the upcoming mastermind groups. CLICK HERE