Confession – My OCD tics work for me. How about you?

It is Sunday evening, January 4th… a few days since I cheered in the New Year with my pup, Charlie, with a filet mignon dinner and glass of wine. But my New Year is tomorrow….

I have always had my own OCD tics….. buying products, mostly food, in two’s, furnishings always in their proper place, cleaning and disposing items the moment used (during cooking, working, shopping, etc.). But one significant tic is being only able to start new disciplines, goals and resolutions ONLY on Monday’s. Being that New Year was on a Thursday, there was no way I would be starting my 2015 goals then. So, as I said, tomorrow is my New Years.

So, what are your tics?

Acknowledge them, be aware of them, and decide to shed or have them work for you!

Tomorrow, I will share with you my goals for 2015…so, think about yours, as we would love to support you with them right here in the Shedding the Bitch Community. So JOIN the community today!!

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