By now you have realized that as you make even the smallest of changes or shifts in your life, you are creating a new YOU. Whether it is emotional, spiritual, physical, personal or professional, you can CREATE a new you, and the sky is the limit!

So, even with the smallest adjustment in your life:

  • Acknowledge it
  • Consider the impact it is having on YOU
  • Determine how you can leverage the change for growth
  • Reward your shift (big or small)…..
  • Share your learning with others….you are now a shifter for others!

Your call to action – mark a weekly date in your calendar that you will stop, breath, and take 5 minutes to honor the RICHes you have obtained in your life. Write down the progress you have made, the results of your goals, and what you will continue to do to keep shifting!!!  Congratulations on achieving RICHes in your heart, head and life!