Daddy, if you hold back women in the office, you are holding me back. Love, daughter.

As many of you know, I am one of twelve kids to parents who were married for 52 years before both passed. My father had 6 daughters and 6 sons. He never told us girls we couldn’t do anything we wanted to do, we couldn’t achieve anything we could dream, or go anywhere in the world we put our mind to. And, he certainly never told us we deserved to be treated, paid, advanced, mentored, coached and sponsored unequally to any of the boys (my brothers), or men out in the business world.

So, it took me decades to realize that… those male leaders out there who are holding back and down women in the workplace, are the same men with daughters at home, and those daughters were going to inherit the decisions their fathers are making about women in the workplace. Wow.

It was Gender Strategist, Jeffery Tobias Halter, and his whole position on the role fathers on the advancement of women, that made me take notice. The decisions fathers are making today are definitely impacting the future for their daughters, and we women, need to get them to stand up and fight – and shouldn’t they fight for their daughters? Absolutely.

View, share, and use his talking points to start a conversation in the workplace. Download his Father-Daughter Initiative and be proud to bring it into your office, display it, and live by it. CLICK HERE.


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