Day 1 of Shedding the Screenwriting Bitch!!

Many of you may know, over the last year I have been working on adapting my book, Shedding the Corporate Bitch, into a film screenplay (Corporate Bitch)….and it has been quite the adventure.

I am not sure what version or draft I am on…but when I received back the evaluation of my latest script from a professional evaluator, I realized my adventure has just begun. And because so many of you have been so generous with your support and motivation on Facebook, I decided, like Julie did in the movie; Julie and Julia, to blog about my adventure, in case in turn, I can help you with the journey, adventure or challenges you are experiencing….

So, join me as we all ‘shed the screenwriting bitch‘ together:)))  Thank you in advance for your kind words, motivation and stories of your own which could help both me and the Shed the Bitch community!!

DAY 1 – It is final – the film title has been formally updated (and registered) as Corporate Bitch! A solid name….. what do you think???

I am actually off to reconsider the structure of the script, as the feedback was the current one is not solid. And being one who is stubborn yet considerate, I will evaluate the feedback, and make a determination if a rewrite is needed; keeping in mind, her feedback is only one of thousands, I have to be careful not to react without pause.

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