Diary of Thriving Covid-19 – Ease elevates stress.

The easing of anything implies things get easier, relaxed, and less stressful. Yet, last week, when Georgia state governor, Brian Kemp, decided to allow gyms, nail salons, malls, and restaurants to open, it created a sudden spike in unease for me. I suddenly found myself frustrated and angry, which I had not felt up until this point. Many folks, especially on Facebook and Twitter, want to think it is fear. It isn’t. Since this whole thing started, I have heard the pleas of healthcare workers and medical professionals to stay home and keep protected. I have worn a mask and gloves and tended to my hygiene very dutifully. Even before the restrictions were lifted and thousands of people were dying, there were far too many people – teenagers, young adults, and adults who should know better, who just didn’t care; obviously not for themselves or for others. I won’t get into the folks who are so naive they claimed it all to be a hoax. Now, we have tens of thousands of people who have been given the green light to run freely through the streets, the parks, the restaurants, and the gyms… never giving it a second thought to the additional risk they are taking for themselves and all of the innocent people they now will come in contact with. I am exasperated by the ignorance, the lack of compassion and empathy. It is not fear consuming me, it is the dismay of how blind and careless people can be. I’m not a fan of feeling this way, I would prefer to hear the anthem of Georgia or Atlanta Strong to be reigning supreme. Yet, sadly, that is not the case. I do pray that Kemp made the right call to ease restrictions and we don’t see a surge in cases of both those who are hospitalized and those who succumb to the virus. This is definitely one time I pray to be proven wrong. Until then, I will continue following my new routine and do the best I can with the things I can control; including my reaction to those who fail to consider others. Be safe and healthy out there everyone. Bernadette Tune into our weekly Shed the Bitch Radio – this week our Ask Bernadette episode addresses the question of ‘how to focus on what you can control and not allow those things you can’t control destroy you.’

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