Diary of Thriving Covid-19 – The calm in the storm.

A few weeks ago I was on a Zoom call with thirty-plus colleagues in the business and personal coaching space discussing the new-normal and industry trends as a result of this newfound Covid-19 world we found ourselves in.

A smaller group of ten broke out into a Zoom meeting room, to discuss more deeply the response we each have had to everything.

I sat quietly as I listened to them express anxiousness, uncertainty, and fear as to what it could do their business (and some mentioned their health, finances, and family).

It was hard to hear the pain they were feeling, because I wasn’t feeling it.

Yes, I was scared for those putting their lives at risk helping those who were deathly ill and dying. My goddaughter, after all, is a physician assistant, and was actively working and exposing herself. I was scared for those who were losing their livelihoods, homes and ability to feed themselves. I was sad for my church, pickleball, and friend communities who were distant, even nonexistent.

I just wasn’t afraid for me. Not that I couldn’t get ill, or that I’m okay with losing my income, house, and livelihood, and it very easily could happen. Long before this, those things have been storms in my life.

Maybe that’s why I wasn’t afraid, I had been through it before. I have been on the verge of losing everything multiple times. I even lost my 25-year career the same year the economy collapsed in 2008. But, like then, I have always been of the mindset and actions that there are huge opportunities in times like this; especially in business.

So, on the Zoom call with my peers, I expressed how I was feeling really good about everything. That I was taking the measures to protect myself physically, protecting others by isolating, and was very optimistic we all can thrive during this challenging time. That is, IF we remain optimistic, productive and aware of the many doors opening and even those closing, revealing shifts that need to be made in all aspects of our lives.

One of the women replied, ‘You just may be here to be our calm in the storm.’

Wow, I was at a loss for words as I fell completely silent, humbled by the thought of that. Then, as the discussion went on, I became exhilerated and even more optimistic, that I could be the calm for others. I would love to serve in that capacity, even if it meant only helping one person to find peace and stillness in all of the chaos.

It then occurred to me that surviving and thriving through my past storms have brought me to this point. With that, I expressed to the group that this storm, too, will pass and we will be better people and servants as a result.

Personally, I have to thank God for always being there for me and showing me the way through the darkness. He has led me to the clearing, the sun, and the stillness many times. I pray I can be that (not God) for you, the calm in the storm. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for help should you need it.


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