“I have been trapped in the repetition of thoughts and actions I believed to be me; but they were a false identity from the past that I was hiding behind!” – Andrew Paul Smith

Oh, how true is that statement for so many of us.

  • Are you hiding behind a false identity? One that you put on in order to face the world – praying that they don’t see the real you!
  • Do you hide from revealing the true you because you don’t think the world would find you worthy?
  • Are you kicking and screaming to break out from under the burden of your fears, insecurities, negative mindset and ugly belief systems (bitches) that consume your heart and head?

Bernadette highlights the Discovery phase…the importance of digging deep to uncover those bitches of identities you have been hiding behind……then continue reading on.

DISCOVER is the first step you need to take to identify what it is you want and don’t want, what RICHes you possess, and what Bitches are holding you back. You also want to discover who YOU truly are – or want to be.

RICHactions™ to get you on your way –

  • Take one step out a time and at y our pace. Be easy with yourself.
  • Reach out and ‘engage’ with the community via FACEBOOK, TWITTER or directly to Bernadette.
  • Don’t spend another minute, hour or day holding back from realizing your dreams and RICHes. Take RICHaction today!