Don't Judge a Book by its Cover – Just Don't Judge!

Have you ever come across someone that may not be a bitch, as it is commonly defined, however is constantly negative, pessimistic, and judgmental about everything? He or she drains the very energy and spirit from your soul?

Fortunately, being judgmental or negative were never traits I possessed…they are way too hard of emotions to hold onto for too long. Yet I have met several men and women over my lifetime that possess these traits naturally – or so it appears. And believing the glass is half empty and not full is one thing – but this is when the person expresses everything and anything that is wrong with world, with you and with themselves, that you just have to sit back and think “how sad’.

I don’t know about you, but though it is not considerate either, I would prefer being known as a bitch than someone who lives in negativity and pessimism. How about you?


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