Get Busy and Productive with these Hacks!!

“Time Well Spent” – a term and philosophy coined about 7 years ago by tech companies who expected their products would make lives more time friendly – reduce the amount of time you spend on their phones, pads, etc..

Yet,  phone time, thus distraction time, has soared. American adults spent about 3 hours and 30 minutes a day using the mobile internet in 2019, an increase of about 20 minutes from a year earlier, according to measurement company Zenith. The firm expects that time to grow to over four hours in 2021.

Technology can indeed make our lives easier, happier, and freer… but has it for you? And, that’s on top of all of the other life distractions and excuses we make when it comes to our need for focus, attention and priority.

Let’s talk how you can become more productive and in doing so, freer, more engaging and present in your life, and happier. Here is a summary and you can get all of the details on our full episode podcast:

  1. First recognize, just like ‘a balanced life’ is a myth, so is Time Management.
  2. Identify the 1-3 distractions, interruptions and frustrations which cause you to become unproductive.
  3. Create Distraction-Free Days – and go technology and obligation free.
  4. Detail out your daily/weekly To Do or Obligation list…. The most mundane or administrative at work, or the time suckers at home.
  5. Say NO!
  6. Goal Set your week in advance.
  7. Based on your single goal – list out or pick from your list 1-3 things that MUST be worked on to achieve the goal.
  8. Pick 1 thing to work on at a time. There is no such thing as multitasking.
  9. Partner up on your goals – review your goals and decide WHO can you share or team with to get it done – at work or home.
  10. Block the amount of time you will work on that 1 task and set an alarm on your phone.
  11. Block time on your calendar for breaks, even disruptions…. Go for a walk or get a drink, make a phone call, etc..  Set your phone alarm if you need to pull yourself back.
  12. Handle the mundane off prime time.
  13. Keep to your plan and schedule.
  14. Look into apps, tools, portals, etc.. to maximize your planning, tracking and collaborating.
  15. When you leave the office LEAVE!
  16. Take those vacations – they won’t remember you 1 day after you leave your job… don’t give them all of your sweat.
  17. Plan for a good night sleep.

What time management, attention or priority tips do you have to share? Feel free to comment here or on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages.

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