How Do You Handle Falling Flat on Your Face in front of Others?

Confession – my bitch reared its ugly head this past Saturday. Not in the way you would think, as I didn’t lash out on someone else, instead, I lashed inwardly at myself.

Can you relate?

The backstory:

I have spent a year working on my storytelling skill, so not only can I share stories on paper, but I can share them from a stage. I was ready, my story was powerful (according to others), and I felt great about it. It was going to be awesome – and they would be filming it so I had a sizzle reel to send out to prospective event planners and executives. I was ready.

What sucked was the universe wasn’t ready… as my introduction was botched completely (by others who chose to ab lib and make excuses for my book title), my mic fell off, I went blank for a moment, and I missed sharing my biggest lesson from my story.

As I left the stage, I was extremely disappointed and angry with a couple of people, but more so, myself. Though some were uncontrollable events, others were not and I should have addressed them proactively. I am still holding onto the need to be perfect and in control, when obviously, yet again, I learn I am absolutely not in control.

Then, thinking it was over, I thought, I’ll make lemonade from lemons and use the video as a lesson learned about overcoming obstacles and giving up control. However, in the spirit of the chaotic day, it turned out all 3 cameras running were turned off when my mic fell off, and even when I went blank. So, no video for me to even laugh at (eventually).

Allow me one loud ARGHHHHHHHHH and I will move on:))))

I realized I am still holding onto the need to be perfect and in control, when obviously, yet again, I learned I am absolutely not in control.

Life will go on and I am still breathing, and I have definitely learned a few things from it.

How do you handle obstacles, even embarrassing and humiliating screw-ups in front of peers, friends, or even strangers?

I learned a few RICHtips from that day:

– Trust your gut, and when you need to inform, educate or give a heads up to someone to ensure your work unfolds the way you have planned, then speak up. Don’t assume the other person understands what your expectations and goals are.

– Learn to laugh at the things you absolutely cannot control and find solutions to those you can.

– If you feel betrayed, unheard, or disrespected, you need to speak up and let the other person(s) know. They too may have something to learn.

As long as you are breathing, life will handle you all kinds of highs and lows. Learning to go with the flow of them, will make your life much more fulfilling and rich!!.

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