How much is too much? A tweet/post/pin dilemma.

I have been tweeting, posting and pinning for years. Through those years I have often questioned; how much is to much or how little is to little. For many, that is the million dollar question. These days, I am back to questioning it big time.

See, I submitted my screenplay, Confessions of a Corporate Bitch, into the BlueCat Screenplay Competition – as they have a Best Movie Title contest as part of the overall competition. I am a semi-finalist. Yippie!!!!  But my dilemma is this – the decision of whether you win or lose depends solely on the votes you receive, and that requires a lot of people to vote. How do you get them to vote? Tweet, post and pin!

I can certainly tweet, post and pin until the cows come home, but at what point do your fans, followers and pinners get really pissed off at you, and decide not to vote, or to unfollow and unpin you? And we are not even to the finals yet.

I do question why the competition thought it was necessary to go through multiple voting stages… but they have their reasons, and now I am left questioning my ability to get the votes without alienating my network. Because come Thursday, I need to request their support again in voting for the final round. At what point is it too much.

Would love to know your thoughts, but in the meantime will apologize now for the continued tweets, posts and pins, as I really want to win this, and if it is the only way to do it, I am left with no choice. Please don’t hate me, unfollow me, or choose not to vote. Know I am asking you time and time again, with a heavy heart.

THANKS for the vote!!!

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