It’s 2018… hit the reset button and create your best year yet!!!

Today, on Shedding the Bitch Radio, we kicked off the new year with an Ask Bernadette that addressed top of mind questions from our listeners and community members:

  • What is your #1 tip for being better organized in 2018?
  • What options are there if I am not someone who likes to write out goals?
  • Am I crazy to think I could go back to school and learn a new skill at 62?
  • How do I get rid of people I my life who aren’t good for me?
  • Is this whole thing about #sexualharassment going away or will it really change things?

To address the first 2 questions, I mentioned our popular RICHplan Goal Setting Worksheet used with my clients for defining their goals and action plan. It leverages the SMART method for creating goals and provides you extra considerations for acting on your goals. DOWNLOAD HERE.

To listen to the episode – LISTEN HERE.

Should you have any questions or need help, reach out to me at LEAVE COMMENTS as well, even taking a photo of your plan and posting it so we can all support you.

Good luck, Bernadette

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