Let’s Party

If you are interested in hosting Bernadette Boas for one of our popular Shedding the Bitch® Parties as a way to:

  • Attract clients to your own business and services,
  • Support others in their quest for the RICHES in life,
  • Network and collaborate with other great people,
  • or to Simply have fun while helping other people GROW…..

Then you may want to become one of our RICHIE Ambassadors and host your own  Shedding the Bitch® Parties, with our very own Party Kits!!! It provides you everything you need for a lively, engaging, entertaining and educational workshop, coaching VIP day, or a weekend retreat.

For further detail go to Shedding the Bitch Party Kit …or contact Bernadette Boas at bernadetteboas@sheddingthebitch.com

Also, if you want us to bring a seminar, party or event to you, contact us at sheddingthebitch@sheddingthebitch.com.