Let’s Party

If you are interested in hosting our popular Shedding the Bitch Parties™ as a way to:

  • Attract clients to your own business and services
  • Support others in their quest for the RICHES in life
  • Network and collaborate with other great people
  • Simply have fun while helping other people GROW…..

Then you may want to become one of our JOY RICHIE Ambassadors and host your own  Shedding the Bitch Parties, with our Shedding the Bitch Party Kits OR as a Hostess Joy!!!

For further detail go to Shedding the Bitch Party Kit …or contact Bernadette Boas at bernadetteboas@sheddingthebitch.com

Also, if you want us to bring a seminar, party or event to you, contact us at sheddingthebitch@sheddingthebitch.com ….