Man Up? That is not what women need to hear – Shed the Butch Bitch!

Men, do you really want manly women? Or, do you just want women to manage their emotions, control their reactions and minimize their drama – both at home and at work?

Then do all of us women a huge favor…DON’T tell us to MAN-UP!

In the last two months I have heard this statement far to often; on the radio, on television shows and from a well known male personality who was speaking to a room full of both men and women – including me. I got up and left the room immediately. How dare he!!! Then I realized – he was old school and an ex-military man. He might have been an old school corporate executive.

If you want to optimize the abilities, skills and talents of women and minimize the butch, then simply coach them to use all of the skills women possess. For example, their negotiating, facilitating, leadership, coaching, mentoring and collaboration skills. There is no reason to have them mirror men – when it has been proven that their nurturing, inquisitive, multitasking, relationship builders, intuitive and overall collaborative nature.

Leverage their feminine nature versus an artificial butch persona…it will help you optimize their skills for all of the right reasons and prevent them from putting on masks that aren’t REAL.

I won’t even get into the dress code that men and corporate still instill into women of all ages that is ‘politically correct’ – those structured black and navy suits. Fortunately, after years, corporate did let go of the bow ties women used to wear, but not much more.

Women – don’t man up just because others tell you that you have to in order to be successful. Be you and you will be far richer than you ever imagined.

Life self help can make you realize the real inside of yours.


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  2. Deedra Retka says:

    Thanks for some quality points there. I am kind of new to online , so I printed this off to put in my file, any better way to go about keeping track of it then printing?

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