Mistakes – you love them or hate them!

Our latest #ShedtheBitch Podcast discussed MISTAKES and how they are both lessons and learnings for your life.

RICHquestion –  Are you a LEARNER or a STRESSER about mistakes?

RICHtags – #MistakesMatter  #shedthebitch

What do you think about mistakes?  This may sound silly to ask you but consider this – Some of you are perfectionists and consider the smallest hiccup as a mistake, while others easily brush off those hiccups and they consider mistakes they make as life threatening and or dangerous.

For example –  didn’t follow-up with you boss and she/he points it out, your email pisses someone off, you miss a major deadline, you make a sales presentation and don’t get the deal, you go with the crowd and drink/take more than you usually do, you fall victim to a scam and lose money.

Listen and learn tips, advice, and how to reframe your view and approach to mistakes that will transform your life!!!!

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