Need Help Setting Your 2015 Goals? Download Free Worksheet and Listen in to Shedding the Bitch Radio!

I am determined this year to help you and myself, in achieving great RICHes in 2015!

As you already know, I have always set goals, laid out a plan of attack for pursuing and achieving those goals, even have my own accountability coach to motivate and push me along toward those goals. Yet, I have found to often, so many of you are lacking defined goals, are struggling in pursuit of them, and/or are giving up way to early on them.

The first area to address; many of you are not sure how to create and define your goals. So, instead of merely giving you a template to fill out, I am going to walk you through it during our Shedding the Bitch Radio program… then throughout the year, we are going to come back to it, and track our progress.  This year we are ALL about ‘creating RICHes in our lives’, so download this COMPLIMENTARY GOAL SETTING WORKSHEET then listen in with me tomorrow at Noon. SUBSCRIBE to the program so you get notices of each week’s episode and notification when a podcast is available for download.

LISTEN TO –  Not Sure How to Set Your Goals with Bernadette Boas

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