RICHquestion – Should I worry about by content being plagiarized?

RICHquestion from Dan Vega – As a speaker, should I worry about my content being plagiarized, or is the success all in the implementation and delivery of the information?

RICHtip – Dan, I am a speaker, coach and writer myself… You could look at is as flattering if someone wants to use your material. And they will – but not exactly. The key to effective and successful training, speaking, writing, etc.. is the personal experience, insight and use that an individual puts to the same material. But you cannot fully protect someone less imaginative and unprofessional from using it – it is in the public domain once it comes out of your mouth.
Here are examples:
– Burger King is being slammed right now for copying and using a comedians ‘street interview’ content for one of their commercials. But he can’t do anything about it but to call them out on it very socially, all over the internet, which he is.
– The SMART goal setting process (created by whom I have no idea anymore) is used by more people than you can count – in speeches, in training, in coaching, etc… – I have had my own Shift to Riches methodology used by someone else, though they change the method name as it is trademarked. But the content is not and cannot be –

You can copyright all you want – but it is not protected. All someone has to do to a product or a piece of content, is change it slightly, and it is theirs. Focus on coming up with really great content and delivering it really well… as no one can duplicate that.

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