Shed the MID-YEAR Bitch – Reset and Win!

Today on Shedding the Bitch Radio we are talking about how to Shed the Mid-Year Bitch… whether it is about you missing your yearly goals, you didn’t set goals or you don’t know how to define and track goals.

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1. Assess Your Progress:

2. Be Raw and Honest by asking yourself the following questions: 

  • did you set your goals to big?
  • are you trying to do to much?
  • are you doing what is absolutely necessary?
  • are you overlooking the simple things?

3. Hit the Reset: every day brings you an opportunity to reset and start anew.

4. Define your Plan – with SMART or without… just get your goals out of your head and onto paper. Also check out an earlier BLOG that details the SMART approach to defining goals.

NOTE: I shared with you the approach I took Sunday night to define my plans. It was a last minute aha moment for me… and I landed up calling it My Partnership with God Plan. It just came to me as if God was speaking to me… and I took a different approach to defining my own goals for the next six month. Here is an photo of my journal entry.

TIP – decide for yourself if you will use the SMART method or another approach. Whichever method you use, the key to success is simply to write down your goals and put an action plan in place you will pursue and achieve.

5. Love What You do… and Delete What You Don’t.

6. Reset your goal achievement date…

7. Six Months, Quarter, Monthly, Weekly, Daily – take your overall goal and break it up into small increments you can handle.


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