Shedding the Comparison Bitch…. Stop It, Now!

How often do you find yourself comparing you to others? Even, to those you have no clue about; you just know them online, on a big screen, or simply walking past you down the street.

This morning, I was close to spending my entire day, heads down in a Forbes article:

Forbes Top Influencers: Meet The 30 Power Players Making A Fortune On Social Media.

I have been working on my social media presence for some time and I wanted to know who, what, how, when, where and why, these individuals found the fountain of riches online, and I have not.

Fortunately, an hour into my obsession, I pulled myself out of the abyss and confronted the mere fact; I am not those people; with those products, services, opinions or ideas, and I never will be.

There are many reasons why my online presence is hot or cold at times, even active and near death at times. That is where the focus should be, not wishing to be someone or something I am not.

I was comparing myself to people whom I have no idea who they really are, or what they really do, or even how they do it, and to minimize my efforts, work, and drive to do my own thing, is telling myself I am not good enough, when I know that is not true.

Whether it is online influencers, runway models, the fashionista on the street, or the powerful woman sitting at a conference table… there is no room for comparing yourself or someone else to that of total strangers – whom you have no clue as to what is under their clothes or behind their eyes.

I realized my goals, actions, and behaviors will determine my success or lack thereof; nothing else.

I hope you do as well…. as you are your own influencer and beauty, for simply being you with whatever goals, actions, and behaviors you decide to pursue. Period.

Image: Diary of a Mad Mind

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