Shedding the Corporate Bitch – THE MOVIE!!! Your Updates…..

I am having sooo much fun tapping into my creative juices…. while at the same time freaked out, as I have never done anything so challenging. And since I have been using Facebook to post the emotions and struggles coming about from the whole process, I thought I would also start a blog journal, which would allow my Shedding the Bitch community (or new fans to it) to contribute to the process, while providing me motivation, inspiration, support, feedback and a swift kick in the ass as needed. To get started… here is a little bit of what has been going on recently….

I am adapting my book that was published August 2011, Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Shifting from Bitch to Rich in Life and Business… into a screenplay. The reason for that is a story in itself, which I will save for later.

Lastly, people ask me why I am disclosing so much about this project…and well, I believe social media has given all of us an opportunity to help one another tap into our creative side. Media, Communications and Publishing experts recognize that as well. Crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo provide a great outlet for creative entrepreneuers such as myself, which requires significant disclosure, and more importantly  though it is registered with WGA, trademarked up the ying yang, and has more lawyers that I ever imagined being tied to… the digital world doesn’t protect anything 100% – so why be so controlling over it. Let creativity flow, while being smart.

Anyway, I digress again.

This is the published book cover I had modified into a movie poster so I could begin using in postings and updates (thank you Havana Nguyen, my amazing graphic designer of Paine and Joy and overall images, and Accent and IanWebb of What I am really wanting is a concept such as the below photo posted to Facebook by @LisaMcCarthy (thank you), that I have used in prior collateral. (Searching for owner of the image as we speak.)

What do you think of it when you consider “Shedding the Corporate Bitch”?

A little about the movie –

Working title – SHEDDING THE CORPORATE BITCH™ (it could also be Confessions of a Corporate Bitch™)              Comedy-Drama: Inspired by a true story.

Logline – With a pink slip in her hand and the words ‘you’re fired’ echoing in her ears, a high powered corporate tyrant is forced to apologize to the road kill she left in her life, in order to find true love in herself and another.

Think Devil Wears Prada meets My Name is Earl!  Main Character – Brenda Bostik – a 45 year old, corporate tyrant, at a leading PR firm in Atlanta!

The first challenge in adapting the book into a screenplay, is that not all elements of the true story depicted in the book, will translate to a movie. Figuring out those things are a google search engine’s dream – and my nightmare. Thank the Lord above I love to research and learn, because that is what this journey is all about. Anyway, I digress.

HELP!!!   Would love your direct, honest and constructive feedback on something, and I am sure it will not be the last one. There will be thank you’s of all kinds for you… I promise. Including a huge thank you for pushing me to the end…..Here we go…

Think about the last movies you have seen… the ones you enjoyed and the ones, well, not so much.

I have 2 approaches as to how to present the story.  One is to depict it in present time and the other would be to use flashbacks and voice overs to go back and forth in time. Below is additional explanation, which approach would you choose?  COMMENT BELOW…..

Option 1 – scenes are set in current time beginning in 2009 as Brenda, the corporate tyrant, continues to wreak havoc on everyone around her at:

  • Her own annual holiday gala where her friends, colleagues, industry leaders and her lover fall victim to her wrath (and drinking to much).
  • Work with her employees, boss/mentor (of 15 years), and 2 key rivals that conspire against her.
  • Herself – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and more

The movie moves forward as she is fired, finds another job, begins to have her Bitch clash with her Real Self…. and when her hero / father dies, her life makes a shift. Coming to terms with her misery and bitch, she decides to walk away from it all; seeking a new career, new friends, new love and new life. The movie wraps up in December 2012.

Option 2 – scenes are set in 2010 with Flashbacks and VO.

  • Having faced her bitch in the mirror a year earlier, she has decided to write a book as a way of apologizing to the years of roadkill she left in her life, Confessions of a Corporate Bitch”…
  • But she struggles writing as she mentally and emotionally does not want to go back to the Bitch mindset – fearful she could succummb to it again.
  • Knowing she has to if she wants to inspire, educate and provide the apology she desperately feels she needs to make, she writes, and writes and writes.
  • Using voice over and flashbacks Brenda, reflects back to her childhood, and moves back and forth through various ‘bitch’ and ‘prebitch’ events, in no particular order; at work, home, with family, lovers and herself.
  • The story continues through the loss of her father/hero, which is a major turning point for her, as she makes the decision to leave her corporate bitch and all that it means (money, power, status, friends and more) behind.
  • Returning to present 2012, she publishes her book to great fan fare, which leads her to find a new career, friends, stronger family, a new love, and renewed self-love.
  • The ending is Dec 2012.

Those are the approaches my writing has taken, and I continue multi-tasking both of them to determine which one resonates with me. What do think?

4 Responses to Shedding the Corporate Bitch – THE MOVIE!!! Your Updates…..

  1. dawn says:

    I prefer the second one over the first. In flashing back, you are able to see patterns develop that caused you to reach the corporate bitch “place”…you could be sharing with the people along the way-as you look back and reflect – you could say something like “This person just ripped off my lunch, Or job promotion and now, I am going to make them pay for that..etc”) all the while you are still in present day story-telling (like they did in House of Cards with Kevin Spacey). Be careful not to flash back too much or the audience gets lost and bored. Best wishes. Dr. Dawn

  2. Joey Sampaga says:

    I like option 2. This is going to be an awesome project. Good luck! I’m sure whatever direction you decided to go, that it will be amazing!

  3. marti says:

    Option 2 gave us more details and has a stronger pull.

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