Submit Your “Shedding the Bitch’ Story

At Shedding the Bitch®, we know that you are ready and raring to share the good, bad, and ugly about your own shedding the bitch journey, and we are all ears to laugh, cry and learn from you. o don’t make us wait any longer!

Whether you’re old or young, male or female, a bitch (angst, fear, insecurity, negative mindset or belief system, feeling of self worth, etc.) lies within your heart or head, keeping you from living a full RICH life. Whether it is the result of a lost job, bad relationship, childhood trauma, bulleying, disease, death or more – the events, experiences and triumphs are endless!

But keep in mind, even reformed bitches are picky… so we want to be sure your story fits with our desire to challenge the paradigm that to succeed in life you only need skills and talents. At Shedding the Bitch® we know that you first must have an empowered and RICH mindset. 

What makes a great Shedding the Bitch® story?

  • It is real, raw and true!
  • It exposes the good, bad and the ugly of your experience, believing in yourself that sharing your story will heal you and those around you!
  • It inspires, motivates and leaves the reader aghast!
  • It provides a transformation, evolution or shedding of the ugliness in your heart and head, only to reveal an empowered and RICH you!

What will increase your success in your story being accepted?

  • It’s your story and therefore written in the first person and has your name assigned to it – no anonymous authors please!
  • It is 1000 – 2500 words in length (a chapter)
  • It does NOT include venting, debating, arguing or bitching about a subject! Remember this is a story of transformation and growth, NOT bitching.
  • It is ONLY submitted here on our website and NOT through snail mail as they will automatically be thrown away

Examples of bitches that could have consumed your heart and head, but you Discovered, Confronted and Shed the bitch(es), Creating and Accelerating your life… could be: Divorce, Raising Kids, Bad Relationship, Being Single, Dating, Being Gay, Joblessness, Job Search, Overweight, To Skinny, A Compulsive Obsessive, Poverty, Homelessness, Male, Corporate (or Business), Cancer, Menopause, Tragedy, and more….

All submissions will be reviewed and responded to, but keep in mind it could take time for a story to be accepted for publication. If your story is selected for publication (either in our next book or for an online Featured Story, you will be notified and your approval obtained. We will not publish any work that has not been authorized by the author.

We look forward to sharing your Shedding the Bitch® story with us.

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