The 21 Day Countdown to 2012 – Will You Be Ready?

To often the new year comes and goes with both empty bottles of champagne as well as empty ambitions, dreams and goals for the new 365 days of the year that lies ahead. Then, in a blink of the eye, it is December again, we are buying new bottles of champagne, and we land up gasping in complete confusion as to where the year went.

Make 2012 different than any other year……. plan to make the year YOUR best year… and I am here to make it as simple, though not necessarily painless, as possible. Okay, I will try to make it as painless as I can, but remember, the pursuit of happiness can come with challenge, pain and sweat….. if it didn’t, it wouldn’t feel like an accomplishment.

ARE YOU IN to join me for the next 21 days and prep for 2012?

If so, your first task is to comment below and say I’M IN for a RICH 2012!!!!!   Then come back tomorrow and we will work together to get ready to cheer in the new year!!!



6 Responses to The 21 Day Countdown to 2012 – Will You Be Ready?

  1. pamela tames says:

    I really wanted to love this site after reading your book. I’m sad to say, I’m disappointed. First, too much psychology: you think men go through these kinds of deliberations because they’re so successful? There’s a bias against strong, smart women in the work place. End of story. Any woman who has got to the top of her game has had her enemies. Because no matter what a woman does, if she’s succeeding, she’ll be labeled a bitch. You’re advocating a kind of self-therapy to manage a systemic, corporate problem seems unrealistic to me. Do you really think a bunch of platitudes and empowerment cliches are going to help? You created a platform for discussing an important topic, please don’t blow it by treating women like little girls who have to learn how to be nice again.

    • Bernadette says:

      thank you so much for the input…. I appreciate the honesty and insights ….. as we have yet to launch the site, so your input is critical to addressing how and what we are positioning.

      That said…. I fully support women getting credit, kudos and everything they want using their smarts and strengths in the workplace or at home. And we want to highlight those experiences and individuals.
      What we are also mainly addressing is the too many women and men disguise their fears, negative mindsets, belief systems and insecurities (what I call bitches) with personas that do not leverage their strengths and talents…… we are working to get them to have an empowered mindset so they can optimize those skills and talents.

      I want women (and men) to be THEM…and no one else…. they do not have to learn to be nice…they just have to be nice to themselves!!!!
      Would welcome any input as to what you would like to see, but being known as the tough love coach that provides very straight forward advice, tips, tools and support – I am far from WOO WOO… and want to help with HOW…..

      would love it if you stay tuned, checked in and continue to provide your feedback….

    • Bernadette says:

      I also needed to add…. there are often two dynamics at work, of which I am working to address both…… one is, the people that are intimidated, feel inferior and are jealous (their own bitches) of others who are successful. If they felt good about themselves, they would not feel those things toward another. Then there are women (and men) who are in specific positions, and some even who are not, who are just nasty so called bitches…… having been one, as you read, I know they have to find ways to face their own bitches, because it is those things that are causing them to lash out in those ways.

      That is what I am trying to address out there….in both business and life. But please keep me in check that I am doing it strategically…and not with a lot of WOO WOO…….

  2. pamela tames says:

    Hi Bernadette, Thanks so much for your feedback. I do understand what you’re saying and I agree, men and women need to understand that they may be projecting a whole lot of stuff that isn’t useful at work, stuff that is in fact undermining them. I just quit my job in advertising because I got really fed up with all the bitches. I read your book and realized, I was one of them too. That was very helpful to me, to get some clarity and to own my end of it. But at the same time, the rules of the game were rigged against me. In other words, I didn’t start off being a bitch, I started off being conciliatory, a team player. That got me nowhere. So I stepped up my game. I focused on driving results. That got me labelled a bitch. Sure I’ll take responsibility for my end, but my point is — a woman is always going to lose at company politics, not because she’s a bitch (that’s just the excuse they use) but because she’s a strong (threatening) woman. Check out this blog post and TEDtalk from the COO of Facebook (a woman). Would love you to write a blog post responding to it:

    So yes, we have to look at ourselves but we also have to look at the “system” — an frankly I don’t care if the corporate structure is flat or hierarchical, they’re all the same.

    Great to connect with you. Sorry again for coming off so harsh. I am really grateful you’re talking about this.


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