Twitter Chat Bitch Parties Begin…… Every Thursday evening at 8:00 p.m. eastern time!!!

By popular demand….. we are bringing our popular and sold out Bitch Parties to the virtual world. So if you haven’t been able to join us in Vegas, Napa, Houston or Atlanta in person, you can now sit in every Thursday evening on Twitter, when I will take you questions, guide you through our Shift to RICHes formula and, chat on issues impacting women, and so much more. It is all about ‘shedding your bitches – #ShedurBitch.

What is #ShedUrBitch?

It is a weekly Bitch Party™ on Twitter for women (and a few motivated men) who are ready to shed their Bitches of fear, doubt, insecurity, negativity, being stuck or overwhelmed, in order to live a life of RICHes.  If you are tired of living behind those internal bitches, struggling to accomplish your goals and are ready to shift to RICHes in life and in business, you’ll want get on the guest list for this party.

It takes place every Thursday from 8-9 pm eastern time. Participants and guests type answers to questions from the host, using the social media site Twitter. The focus of #ShedUrBitch is to provide a safe community for you to not only Shed Your Bitches, but to also get some tips, tools and strategies for living a RICHer life

Twitter chat your questions, comments, ideas, disagreements, or responses to me at #ShedurBitch each Thursday evening at 8:00 p.m. eastern time…… and if you are new to this, like I was, see instructions below to participate in this Twitter Chat Party…

Here’s what we will be talking about –

August 16:  “Discover Your Bitches”

August 23:Confront Your Bitches”

August 30: “Shed Your Bitches”

September 6: “Create Your RICHes”

September 13: “Accelerate the RICHes”

September 20: Celebrate the Shift!

For info on the upcoming Week’s chat and a link to the current Tweetgrid (see below for explanation), follow @ShedUrBitch on Twitter.

Getting Started on Twitter

First, you need a Twitter account.  For details on Getting started on Twitter click this link

It’s a good idea to follow our Twitter account @ShedUrBitch. Each week, we post a series of tweets about our guest and the topic for the week.

Terms you need know before we get started

  • Hashtag– The # symbol in front of any word creates a hashtag.   #ShedUrBitch is a hashtag. Hashtags are used on Twitter to track information on a specific topic. Click it, and it will take you to the most recent conversation on that topic. In Twitter, you can put a #hashtag in the search box, and see what folks are saying about that tag at that moment too.
  • Tweetchat– is a Twitter talk show, using text messages on Twitter to interact with a weekly guest on a specific topic – using a #hashtag to help my people follow the same conversation.
  • -a third party website which allows you to participate in a live tweetchat using three columns
  •– a third party website which allows you to participate in a live tweetchat using one column

There are many options to participate in our live chat:

Using Tweetgrid for our Chat:

On Thursdays, we put out a custom link to making the chat easier to follow. Consider following our Twitter account @ShedUrBitch for details on upcoming chats and links to each week’s TweetGrid.

By using the link, this mode automatically puts the #ShedUrBitch hashtag on each tweet sent out in the chat. It allows other participants in the chat to see your comment as well.

Click this link for example of tweetgrid (this URL will be updated with your custom URL once the first chat is complete) the far right column is where you can see anyone’s comments in the chat.  The center column shows this week’s guest and the host comments. You can use the far column for you own twitter account just put @ your twitter name and hit search.

You’ll notice above you username is a #hashtag box, which should say #ShedUrBitch – if it doesn’t, please add it there, so that it adds that tag to each tweet you send.

In the center at the top of the page, you will see a box labeled Tweet, and below it one that says user:    and pass:      Fill out the lower two boxes with your username (without the @ symbol) and password. Putting your password into any program can be a risk, but this program has a good reputation.)


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