Unleash your inner author with Amy Collette

Writing and Book Coach, Amy Collette, joins Bernadette Boas on Shed the Bitch Radio to discuss how you can unleash your inner author by sharing your story. Learn more at www.unleashyourinnerauthor.com

Now more than ever, your story is not just important, it’s urgent. People are looking for guidance from those of us who have done the hard work of changing our lives. Now we can help others find the same kind of transformation in theirs.

Bernadette Boas will ask Amy about how:

  1. You have a unique perspective that you can use to create human connection and profound impact.
  2. Writing a book is a doable endeavor with the right mindset and support.
  3. People with a message can write powerful books, even if they are not world-class writers.
  4. Readers are actively looking for inspiration, motivation, and guidance.
  5. Where to go for free resources and support.

RICHquestion – What is the ONE story or experience you have had that would inspire or educate others?  Consider your response to that as Amy shares with you tips and advice for turning a blank piece of paper into a transformational experience for you and your readers.

Download the podcast here OR you can watch our video interview:

BIO – Amy Collette

Entrepreneurs who never thought they’d write a book become successful, first-time authors through Amy Collette’s Unleash Your Inner Author coaching program. Driven by a need to share their transformative stories, they discover how to take their powerful messages to the world in a bigger way as authors.

Amy is a book coach, publisher and author whose purpose in life is to raise the positive vibration of the planet by helping thought leaders increase their impact. Amy’s best-selling book, The Gratitude Connection, features inspirational stories and practical tools to help you retrain your brain for happiness and success. Visit Amy at: UnleashYourInnerAuthor.com 

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