We’re all in sales at work or home. Learn the trends, challenges and more with Jane Gentry.

According to our special guest, Jane Gentry, sales professionals in corporate or on their own in business, are always searching for the secret sauce of sales.  But, there are no secrets. There are clear drivers of growth, trends both entrepreneur and corporate leader need to know, and more. Jane will share what you should consider whether or not you can grow with the sellers, processes and development strategy you currently have in place.

Listeners will learn:

  • The specific levers that drive growth
  • What top performing organizations do that others don’t
  • What are the attributes of the most successful salespeople, whether solopreneur or sales team leader.

Jane is the founder and principal of Jane Gentry and Company; a leading sales consulting practice working with mid-size and corporate organizations to accelerate growth and profitability.   www.JaneGentry.com

Listen to the show live every Tuesday at Noon eastern on Shedding the Bitch or download it from iTunes.

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