What I learned from unplugging for a full day.

Sitting at my desk about 5:00 p.m. Friday night, I overheard a news show talking about the Unplug Challenge. It was beginning at sundown that evening until sundown Saturday night, and it required unplugging from all technology.

I was having a stressful week so the idea of totally unplugging from the world was exhilirating. So, I posted a note on Facebook for my family and friends, texted a few friends, and at 6:40 p.m. sundown, I turned off my phone, laptop and television, and simply sat on my couch breathing deeply.

It wasn’t a pure unplug. I allowed myself to watch the Vaspar Golf Tournament on television. I had been looking forward to this match for weeks, having heard Tiger Woods was playing, and it was the only show I did watch on Saturday.

Here is what unplugging for a full 24 hours taught me:

  • I don’t need to be tied, even strapped, to my phone or laptop.
  • Breaks from the noise provides a deep relaxing breath and a sense of freedom.
  • Worrisome not to have at least a phone available for emergency purposes, but having to take that phone call or respond to a text within seconds, is just not needed. Very few people are that important.
  • An appreciation for Google, as I really missed being able to search for information such as store hours for my sneaker store, the leaderboard for the golf tournament, how and when Jordon Speith and Rory McElroy miss the cut, and to look up fun facts that intriqued me during conversations with friends.
  • Free quiet time to get physical work done versus staring down at my laptop or phone. I spent 4 hours cleaning out my yard shed to patch holes crittters have found their way into.
  • Technology apps has simplified my life and made me more productive, i.e. Notes, Weight Watchers, music, myfitnesspal.com and more.  Many of them streamlining work.
  • Truth, I do not need to always be plugged in; checking my email and texts every 5 minutes, or searching on useless (but fun) facts. FOMO (fear of missing out) is real, but so silly.
  • I missed it, but can survive without it. The world does keep turning.

I am going to attempt to unplug more often, maybe each Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. I will let you know.

What experience have you had about unplugging or even considering it?

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