What lessons are we teaching our children?

I was in Vegas in March promoting my book – Shedding the Corporate Bitch, and brought along with me a poster board that displayed the book cover. I kept it in the hallway lobby of the hotel’s 7th floor where I was presenting and promoting the book during in-room presentations.

As I sat inside my room preparing for the first of several presentations one evening I heard the giggles of two young girls coming in from the hallway…“I like being a bitch”, I heard one of the girls say.

I got up from the seat and went out to the hall to join the girl’s discussion.

“Why do you like being a bitch?” I asked the young girls. “Because at school I get what I want from the kids if I am bitchy?” “And you can’t otherwise?” I asked. Neither of the girls had a response.

I went on to explain to them – not preach – the old saying ‘you get more with honey than with vinegar’ and provided them a few tips (you can take it right from negotiation and cooperation skills) as to how to achieve the same outcome. They actually agreed. It was nice to see their change in attitude.

I do not expect that the discussion would change their attitude completely – as I can remember clearly what high school was like – but if I was successful a small bit in helping them to overcome negative attitude in life – it would be great.

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