When clarity, focus and creativity refuses to come.

I’m sitting in front of this computer screen surrounded by a flurry of activity from the many entrepreneurs and corporate professionals who fill up the coworking space. Yet, even as I type these words my mind is vacant of any ideas and creative expression for what I wanted to write about. So, I am letting my fingers cross the keyboard hoping something will inspire me.

As I observe pods of individuals having conversations over coffee, a woman at the next table talking a bit too loud on a call with a client, or the man unaware of people seeing him pick at his nose, yuk….. my mind is blank, uninspired, absent of any meaningful thought.

Should I stop writing completely or do I continue to type in hopes inspiration will come?

I had committed to myself that as of today I will work on developing a routine, habit, even discipline on writing regularly again, as I have lapsed over the last several months. But it isn’t happening. Damn.


Let go.

I repeat to myself – be okay with the whiteness of the screen. Believe that creativity may not flow today but it will flow again.


Wait. I just realized a lesson from this.

RICHtip – It is okay to be void of creativity and inspiration. Tomorrow, heck, even a minute from now, is a new opportunity to find it, and you do,  you will move forward again.  Take a deep breath and simply be, as it is only temporary.

What do you do when there seems to be a complete lack of creativity?



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