Write your book with these simple steps.

Stay tuned for a full episode of Shed the Bitch to get into the details of How to Write a Book on November 19th, expanded from this week’s Ask Bernadette episode.

For now, simply, Christina reached out and wanted to know what steps to take to write a book –

  • Determine why you want to write it, i.e.
    1. Is it to become a bestseller
    2. Is it to inspire or educate
    3. Is it a business card
    4. Is it to make money
  • Determine your writing style and approach –
    • A loner
    • Need a ghostwriter
    • Need an editor or
    • Accountability Coach
  • Set a deadline and goals with metrics, etc.
  • Write a summary of what the book is and about.
    • Determine the title, styling, etc.. and keep it mind as you write
  • Create an outline of what it is you want to say, i.e. stories, tips, lessons, experiences
  • Work from the outline and begin to write, write and write…
  • Market, market, market
  • As you are writing then do research on packaging the book, publishing options, etc..
  • Write, Read, Edit, Write, Read, Edit
  • Have others read and edit
  • Launch

We will get deep into the details on November 19th on Shed the Bitch. If you have questions, feel free to call into the show at 1-818-572-2910.

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