You Have to Discover this 1 Thing To Achieve Riches in Your Life.

When I read or hear sobering statistics such as:

– 42% of individuals never make New Year Resolutions or goals

– Only 16% of individuals over the age of 50 achieve their resolutions

– 40% of people abandon their resolutions or goals within 1 month

It causes me to ask a single question – #WHY?

Why is it folks think so little of their resolutions, goals and even themselves, that they give up on them so quickly, and sometimes never even acknowledge them? I hope to God that it isn’t because they simply don’t have goals or dreams for themselves.

It wouldn’t surprise me if it were true, as a good many of the men and women I coach and speak to, will eventually admit that they feel as if they are simply existing. They don’t think about dreams – as it is too disappointing if and when they don’t achieve them. Others simply never sit still long enough to consider what their goals and dreams would be. They are going through the motions of living and accepting that as normal, acceptable, and comfortable.

There is only 1 thing that will get them unstuck, untrapped, and out of their pattern of existing versus thriving, and that is to ‘discover who they truly are’. I call it #DiscoverYou.

Discover themselves through the #goals they have, but also the #fears and insecurities (bitches) they are holding onto, the #inspiration or riches in their life that allow them to get through the tough times, and more.

We dig deep into it on #ShedtheBitch Radio … and walk through my very own RICHplan™ used with corporate and entrepreneurial clients around the world. It gives them a framework to begin asking the tough but revealing questions needed to understand what it is they really want and what just might be holding them back from achieving them.

LISTEN IN for all of the details, tips and advice at DISCOVER YOU on Shedding the Bitch Radio. 

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