Your purpose can’t wait, with Davina Ware

Despite the trying and uncertain times we are all experiencing, we are being extremely blessed with moments of stillness that allow us to contemplate what we truly want from this one life we each have to live.

So, whether we’re yearning for a fulfilling career or looking to turn your passion project into a business, it is imperative to ensure your next step is connected to your purpose. Otherwise, you risk perpetual disappointment, overwhelm, and burnout.

Davina Ware, career transition coach and marketing professional, is on a mission to prevent that from happening to you!!!!

She joined me on Shed the Bitch Radio to discuss:

  • Clues you are being given that they’re on the right track
  • The most common ways professionals self sabotage
  • The NECESSITY of self-care and rest in the journey of goal achievement

Davina Ware is a marketing professional, Career Coach, and founder of Upwardly Paved Path career coaching. She helps professionals get out of their own way to transition into their ideal careers that utilize their gifts and talents. Through the latest career transition strategies, personal growth, and spiritual development she leads her clients to fulfillment in their next career move.

Davina is certified by the International Coaching Federation, holds a Bachelor’s in Marketing Communications, an MBA in Integrated Marketing Communications, and is a Direct Marketing Certified Professional.

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2 Responses to Your purpose can’t wait, with Davina Ware

  1. Davina Ware says:

    There is an endless amount of distractions that are all competing for our attention and energy. Yes, we need to acknowledge the tragedies and injustices that are plaguing us today, however, we need to reframe how we approach it. Now is a great opportunity for you to apply your gifts and talents towards a greater good. Your purpose is ready to receive your attention 😉

    • Bernadette says:

      Spot on, Davina. It’s why you made such an awesome guest for the show and for our Shed the Bitch Community with all of your tips, inspiration and advice. Thank you so much for being a part of it.

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